Shane Jacobson

“Gliding on one of these is a lot more fun than hopping around on one foot! Let me tell you it sure beat crutches! If I'm honest you can get up a bit of speed on this but be careful cos you can scratch the walls of your house. I learn't the hard way! Thanks again.”

Donald Collie


"I recently ruptured my Achilles tendon and after repair, I will be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. While crutches provide mobility, they are very tiring and make independent living extremely difficult. At most, one hand is free at any time.

The Knee Scooter provides comfortable, fast and safe mobility both inside and outside the house. The day after surgery I was comfortably moving around the hospital. On return home, I have been completely independent and able to perform almost all activities including cooking and showering etc.

I have used the scooter to get into the city by train and we happily load the scooter into the back of the car to go out anywhere. Next week, I will take the scooter to Paris and would have had to cancel this trip without the scooter.

As a medical practitioner, I have no hesitation in recommending this device to anyone for whom it is deemed appropriate by their surgeon or health practitioner."

Peter Bishop

Blue Tardis

"I am 40 years old and had a major fall at work which required me to be non weight bearing for about 12-14 weeks - I had torn 4 ligaments from the bone as well as other random damage and needed to allow swelling and bruising to heal prior to surgery.

I already had a good set of ergonomic crutches however once I received the knee cruiser, I realised just how limiting crutches were. I was suddenly set free and could more easily get around and navigate home and workplace safely and quickly. The cruiser made me a lot more independent as I was able to get my own food and drinks (which is just impossible on crutches.)

I believe that it helped significantly in my rehab both physically as I was able to move without pain and also mentally in that I was no longer completely dependent on someone else to help."


Medical Student

"When I tore a ligament in my foot and needed an operation I was looking at 8 weeks on crutches. As a medical student and needing to be able to move around a large hospital I was possibly going to need to take time off, delaying my graduation.

Since receiving a knee scooter I have been able to complete my requirements at university as well as being able to continue to get around day to day, grocery shopping is much easier on a knee scooter, basically impossible on crutches.

Another benefit is that I am still working my hip and thigh muscles, hopefully this will mean my rehab will be quicker. I would recommend a knee scooter to people who need to stay mobile while recovering from a foot or ankle injury."


Vermont Victoria
"Thanks you have given my life back! I was bed bound and unable to do anything for myself. Now I am up and able to be more independant."

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